Algologie, a Breton brand of marine cosmetics

Algologie, a Breton brand of marine cosmetics

Algologie is the brand of marine cosmetic care, born on the Pen Lan peninsula facing the Bréhat archipelago, in Brittany. It is here that the world's first algal field exists in a unique and harsh environment, where winds and tides reign, in the heart of a Natura 2000 reserve. There is an exceptional diversity with over 800 species of algae thriving in this favorable environment. It is an ideal meeting place for the currents of the Arctic and the Gulf Stream, sheltered by the Sillon de Talbert.

It is on this exceptional site that we develop skincare products formulated with marine actives such as algae, which are natural assets for the skin. Algologie offers different ranges of skincare products that adapt to all skin types, for the face, body, and hair.

An exclusively French production

When "100% made in Brittany" and locavore rhyme with Algologie

We are deeply attached to our Breton roots. That's why the production of our cosmetic products is exclusively done here, in France, where we support the local economy. The development of our 100% Breton products is a real commitment for Algologie.

Our Research & Development Laboratory and our factory are located in Pleubian, facing the island of Bréhat. Our logistics, which ship all products, are located in Lannion, in the Côtes d'Armor region. We value the local economy by prioritizing the sourcing of our raw materials in Brittany for a more responsible development.

Natural marine cosmetics for everyone

Innovation in the service of the skin

As pioneers in the use of marine stem cells, we have created ALGO 4, a complex of algae and coastal plant stem cells derived from marine biotechnology. A total of 4 patents have been awarded for our innovation. It is a bio-stimulating complex boosted with seawater that combines effectiveness and respect for the marine ecosystem.

With ALGO 4, results are rapid because the skin naturally recognizes its components. Thus, it systematically reactivates the skin's natural mechanisms by stimulating cellular activities. Guaranteed results to better cope with external aggressions.

Natural and sensory marine care

We are committed to offering natural care for all skin types and desires. Our products are formulated with an average of 95% natural ingredients, with unique textures and aromatic scents that you won't find anywhere else. Marine scents bring an immediate wave of freshness, and the scent of plants provides a feeling of well-being. The unisex scents ensure everyone finds their happiness!

A commitment to nature preservation

Since its inception, Algologie has been committed to clean and responsible beauty, and continues to strengthen its commitments in favor of a cause that is part of the brand's DNA: the preservation of the oceans. Since 2021, we have been a member of the RespectOcean association. RespectOcean is a network of companies united in a sustainable development approach for better integrated management of the Sea and the coastline. We support research on algae and the protection of marine ecosystems.

We have developed a strict "Green and Clean" formulation charter that ensures respect for the skin and the environment by using:

  • Algae and coastal plants
  • Marine actives obtained by biotechnology
  • Minerals
  • Extra-pure seawater drawn off our laboratories
  • Natural-origin actives
  • Vegetable oils
  • Mild, safe, and skin-friendly preservatives

We have eliminated mineral oils, PEG, phthalates, silicones, and phenoxyethanol from our formulas.

We continuously improve the eco-design of our products by prioritizing sourcing from local suppliers. Our packaging is recyclable and free from unnecessary instructions. We implement increasingly eco-designed solutions using recycled materials.

Cosmetic care accessible to everyone

Thanks to our different ranges of natural cosmetic care, everyone can take care of their skin. We offer a wide range of products, from body scrubs to facial treatments. Do you have mature skin? Do you experience minor skin issues? Do you need hydration? Look no further; you will undoubtedly find what you're looking for at Algologie.

Some of our favorite facial skincare products include:

  • Hydra Ecume Cleansing Care, for gently removing makeup and cleansing all skin types
  • Soleil Marin Tinted Care, for a unified, radiant complexion and an immediate healthy glow
  • Vague Hydrating Care, for plumping and hydrating thirsty skin
  • Archipel Purifying & Mattifying Care, for rebalancing combination to oily skin with imperfections
  • Jardin Marin Face Care, for revealing radiance, regenerating, and protecting the skin
  • Rivage Anti-Wrinkle Care, for correcting wrinkles, firming, and lifting the skin
  • Presqu'île Global Anti-Aging Care, for mature skin seeking comprehensive anti-aging benefits
  • Jardin Marin Body Care, marine aromatherapy to regain tone and vitality.

The Essential Algologie Treatments

Among our wide range of products, three flagship items have become best-sellers, particularly appreciated by our customers:

  1. L'Élixir des Vagues: the true hydration booster for immediately hydrated skin (91%). With 97% natural ingredients and an excellent score of 100/100 on Yuka.
  2. La Crème des Vagues: the essential care for immediate and long-lasting hydration for 24 hours, providing comfort. With a score of 100/100 on Yuka and formulated with 94% natural ingredients.
  3. L'Élixir de Pen Lan: the precious oil that regenerates the skin and brings radiance to the complexion. 97% of people who tried it have brighter skin, and 100% have regenerated skin. Plus, it is composed of 100% natural ingredients!

At Algologie, our commitment is to:

  • Take care of every skin type
  • Provide an effective response to every skin concern
  • Offer moments of intense well-being
  • Promote the local economy
  • Preserve the sea and coastlines by partnering with various organizations such as RespectOcean

Support research on algae and the protection of marine ecosystems.

Natural marine cosmetics for everyone!

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