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Routine Corps - Littoral

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Discover our Body Routine Littoral, designed to revitalize, regenerate, and enhance your body in every season. Enjoy maximum effectiveness and an exceptional sensory experience to shine with beauty all year round! ✨

It includes :


GREEN & CLEAN FORMULAS. A rigorous and safe natural formulation charter for the skin.


100% MADE IN FRANCE. A laboratory and a factory in Britttany.


A LOCAL SOURCING. 80% of our natural marine active ingredients are sourced in Brittany.


Écume du Littoral

Delicately cleansed, the skin is refreshed and revitalized. It regains softness and suppleness.

Scrub du Littoral

The skin regains all its softness and a silky finish.

Lait du Littoral

Gently perfumed, the skin is hydrated. It regains softness and suppleness.

Crème Mains du Littoral

The hands regain their softness. The nails are fortified.


Écume du Littoral

A soft and gel-like texture.

Scrub du Littoral

A crystalline gel that melts into the skin. An emerald color reminiscent of the seabeds of Pen Lan.

Lait du Littoral

Milk texture, velvety and creamy. Leaves a lightly scented veil.

Crème Mains du Littoral

A generous and creamy texture that penetrates easily. Leaves no greasy film.


Écume du Littoral

Apply on wet skin, lather, and rinse with water. Then apply your Algologie treatment. Avoid contact with eyes.

Scrub du Littoral

Gently massage onto dry skin, then rinse. 1 to 2 times a week.

Lait du Littoral

Apply morning and/or evening to the entire body.

Crème Mains du Littoral

Apply in light massages on hands, nails, and nail contours. Use throughout the day.


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